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    Photogs, we are so excited about this new, tell-all boudoir photography guide, a collaboration between BP4U and Emily Caldwell Photography. Incredibly thorough and highly informative, you’ll find this guide is immensely helpful to both new-to-boudoir photographers and seasoned vets.

    As you’re probably aware, there’s a definite niche in boudoir photography, and it’s one that can be quite lucrative if you know what you’re doing. With that said, it can be a difficult niche to break into if you’re without skill or knowledge, and honing the craft takes some serious work. This guide is an excellent place to start, or to gain inspiration and further knowledge from a highly talented photographer.

    After reading this guide, you’ll feel more assured in your client/photog relationship building skills (so important in boudoir), your posing abilities, marketing endeavors, editing techniques and even lighting and room setups. The best part is that the guide is fascinating from beginning to end – no boring stuff here. We think you’ll especially like the detailed before and after images, which are majorly inspiring.

    This 260-page posing guide is not just a look book! It comes with step-by-step posing instructions and even covers facial expressions! See below for more details.

    A 260-page guide for posing boudoir sessions. This product also includes 45 - 4x6 digital files (printer friendly) of the pose with a brief how to description. For our green clients - we have low resolution versions of the posing cards so you can easily upload to your cell phone.

    Topics Covered:

    • 260-page guide
    • 45 - 4x6 digital posing cards (printer friendly)
    • Finding clients
    • Marketing & Model Calls
    • Pricing
    • Building a boudoir photography brand
    • Choosing and securing locations
    • Client privacy and contracts
    • Outfit tips and tricks
    • Client Checklist/Questionnaire
    • Detailed posing instructions
    • Posing workflow - Playing with angles, Facial Expressions, Silhouettes, Details, Hand Placement, Plus Sized Boudoir Tips, Top 3 Go-To Poses
    • Working with other businesses and hair/makeup artists
    • Editing - Before and After Transformations
    • Boudoir Marathons
    Also includes answers to the following questions:

    • How many sessions do you typically book in a week?
    • How far apart do you spread your sessions?
    • How long does a session normally last?
    • How do you deliver your photos?
    • Do you use flash or other external lighting?
    • What tips do you give your clients prior to the session?
    • How do you make the client feel comfortable when so exposed?
    • Do you meet the client before the session so they can get comfortable with you?
    • Let's say you have a client that is insecure about her back fat. do you not shoot that part of her body or do you edit it in post and tell the client not to worry about it?
    • When it comes to boundaries and limits, what's your policy?
    • Have you ever had a client ask you to do something that you're uncomfortable with? How did you handle that situation?
    • What advice do you have about tanning and spray tans prior to the session?
    • Do you do session sneak peeks?
    • Do you offer boudoir sessions on your normal Facebook page?
    • Do you have a separate company name for boudoir, or is it all one company with other portraits that you shoot?
    • Do you use props?
    • How do you incorporate the partner's hobbies/interests into the session? What if they have weird props?
    • Do you give your hair and makeup artists some images from your sessions for them to use in their portfolio as well?
    • Do you have a policy on how many photos you will do extensive edits on?
    • What's the strangest edit request you've had?
    • What do you do if a pose isn't working?
    • Do you do outdoor boudoir sessions? How does that work? How can you ensure privacy with outdoor sessions?
    • Do you change up your poses based off what body parts the client or the client's partner likes most about them?
    • If you do the session at the client's house, how do you make sure the setup will look good?
    • How long is your turnaround time from session to final delivery?
    • During a marathon, what if the client takes a long time to get comfortable? Since this is a condensed session, what if you don't get a lot of good photos because they didn't realize and you can't go longer because you have another session lined up?
    • How many outfit changes are allowed per client during a marathon?
    • For marathons, where are the other clients during the session that you're shooting?
    • Do you change out the sheets, etc. between marathon sessions?
    • How do you come up with new poses?
    • Do you do extensive retouches, such as slimming or stretch mark removal? If so, does it cost extra?
    • Do you work with the same HMUA (hair makeup artist) every time or do you use different ones? How did you find a HMUA that you felt would be a good fit for your company?
    • How much do they typically charge in your area?
    • How did you build your client base in two different states?