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    Have you ever considered opening a studio? Want to shoot even in bad weather? Want to be able to shoot year-round?
    Setting Up Your Natural Light Home Studio has everything you need to set up and organize your own natural light studio.
    It also covers how to market your studio and goes over information about studio sessions.
    Photography level: Beginner
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    Please note: This is not a studio posing guide. This is a guide to help you get started in studio photography.

    Includes a 101-page guide for setting up a natural light home studio

    Topics Covered:
    • What do I need to set up a natural light studio?
    • How do I set up an in-home studio?
    • How can I keep it all organized?
    • Where do I even start?
    • Choosing a Location: Comfort, Space, Storage, Lighting, Warmth, & Things to Avoid
    • Things to consider when starting a studio
    • Natural Lighting
    • Sticking to a Tight Budget
    • Studio Equipment Essentials
    • Choosing a Backdrop: Polypaper Backdrops, Seamless Backdrop Paper, Fabric Backdrops, Walls, Floor-drops & Baseboards
    • Prop it out: Newborns, Sitting Up, Older Kids, Girl Props vs Boy Props, Headbands
    • Prop Ideas for Girls
    • Prop Ideas for Boys
    • Buying and Replacing Props
    • Branding & Naming Your Business
    • Marketing: Business Cards, Packaging, Milestone Sessions, Mini Sessions
    • Contracts
    • Pricing: Standard Sessions, Newborn Sessions, Gift Certificates, Milestone Sessions
    • Facebook & Blogging
    • Proofing
    • Insurance & Taxes
    • Workflow: Booking a Session, Rescheduling, Pre-session Consult, Client Interaction, The Day of the Session
    • Session Attire
    • Getting the child to relax during the session
    • What if they don't cooperate?
    • Tips for working with young children
    • Where are the parents during the session?
    • Where are the siblings during the session?
    • BONUS! Learn how to set up the Twinkle backdrop effect, reflecting floor-drop, and fairy dust photos!
    Plus answers to the following questions:
    • What camera equipment do you use?
    • What are your camera settings?
    • Do you use high or low ISO?
    • Are there certain weather conditions you don't like to shoot during?
    • Do you do anything different when the weather changes?
    • How long does it take you to edit?
    • Do you do outdoor shoots?
    • How long do your average sessions takes?
    • Which print lab do you use?
    • How many photos do you take and how many will they get?
    • Do you have an assistant?
    • Do you use a tripod/monopod?
    • What equipment did you start out with?
    • Which settings do you recommend for a beginner?
    • Which lens do you recommend for a beginner that is price conscious?
    • How much should I budget for my studio per month?
    • What size backdrop do you need for adults?
    • Are there any must have shots you have to get for each child?
    • How long does it take you to give the images to the client?
    • What do you think of digital backdrops?
    • Where do you get your chairs?
    • Do you allow pets in your studio?
    • Are there any ages you won't shoot?
    • If you had to do it all again, what would you have done differently?
    • Have you ever had any awkward things happen with clients?
    • What do you use to clean your props and how often do you clean them?
    • So many people opt to be outdoor photographers...what made you want to be a studio? Did anyone inspire that decision?
    • How did you learn everything? Did you teach yourself?
    • Where are your kids during the sessions, since it is in your house? Do they ever interrupt you?
    • Where do the clients go to the bathroom/where do they get ready? Do you have a bathroom specifically for clients?
    • Do you have your clients walk through your house?
    • What has been the hardest thing about having a studio in your house?
    • Do you ever get worried about bringing random strangers in your house?