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    Think about something for a second. Just how often does a couple play the leading role, or at least a supplemental role, in your photography? From engagement photos to wedding photos to family portraits, to maternity and newborn photos and beyond, you're bound to have a pair of people standing in front of you ready for you to click away.

    In short: Couples are the bread and butter of the photography biz, and knowing how to photograph a duo is imperative to your success. That's why we're so excited to announce our Posing Guide for Couple Portraits, a super in-depth collaboration between BP4U and acclaimed photographer Beth of ENV Photography.

    The Posing Guide for Couple Portraits covers it all. And then some! You'll get a rundown on camera gear and equipment, finding clients, scouting locations, and prepping for your sessions. From there, we cover working with couples in a comprehensive fashion.

    If you photograph couples -- and we know you do -- this is one of the best guides you can purchase. Up your game NOW, photog!